Why You Should Use a High Brightness LCD Display for Outdoor Applications


When viewing a display in direct sunlight or in high ambient lighting conditions, the quality of the display can be degraded or become washed out. But the advent of technology has found a way to resolve such issue with the introduction of high brightness LCD displays. To ensure readability regardless of the location, this type of LCDs have far higher nit values than regular displays. The LCD screen brightness is measured in units of candela per square metre, or commonly called as nits and the backlight of the device generates its brightness. In outdoor locations, the sun overpowers this level of brightness, causing the washed-out effect and unreadable display. High brightness displays usually exceed brightness levels of 1500 nits. There are several reasons on why you should use high brightness LCD displays in outdoor applications. Here are some of them.

Ensures visibility even under direct sunlight
Before, LCD screens were not bright enough to be seen outdoors. One of the keys to a reliable screen visibility is the high brightness feature. Whether it is for advertising, information display, way-finding or any other purpose, this is very important as it defeats your purpose to share content outdoors when your target audience can’t see it. You need a display that can be read and visible at all times. By maintaining a crisp and clear screen visibility whatever time of the day, it will keep your display in the limelight and will likely attract your audience’s attention.

For advertising purposes or outdoor digital signage, if you hook the attention of your audience early, you have higher chances of drawing them in. In other words, it also benefits your customer as you are enhancing their experience of digital signage by remaining visible to them. In the long run, having a digital signage experience that is reliable and always visible will boost your business reputation.

Wide viewing angle
Most high brightness displays also have a wider viewing angle which is great for outdoor installations where people are constantly shifting from one viewing angle to another. Such feature also helps the display to be more noticeable that even passers-by can see the contents on the screen clearly.

Meanwhile, the latest design of high brightness LCDs todaydoes not consume too much energy as compared to a typical LCD display. This type of LCDs also have an auto dimming feature which automatically adjust the screen’s brightness level depending on the surrounding. Whether day or night, it ensures that it delivers a clear and readable display while at the same time saves a lot of power. Over time, manufacturers have also developed the best LEDs for these displays and match them with the right liquid crystal panels, not only for best performance but also for power-saving capability.

Severalapplications of LCD displays involve deploying them outdoors. However, outdoor conditionssuch as direct sunlight make it challenging for these devices to deliver high quality of images. With high brightness LCDs, such issues can be resolved to help you deliver content outdoors. At iTech Company, we offer a range of this type of LCD outdoor displays which overpower the natural light and maintain a visible screen at all times. Our products are also equipped with other features and protection that are necessary for outdoor deployments.

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