IP65 infrared touch screen Application



  • With USB Controller
  • Faithfully preserves original image clarity – minimum or no reduction of light transmission rate from the display
  • Durable, maintenance free with long-life expectancy
  • Standard and custom size available
  • Plug and play, easy installation



Suntronic LCD’s infrared touch screen instantly runs LCD, plasma, front, and rear projection monitor into interactive displays. Unlike most other technologies, the infrared-based design offers superb image clarity. The original image quality is preserved because there is no film in front of the display. Thus, there’s only a minimum or no reduction of light transmission rate from the display, delivering superior image quality. After a simple installation, the screen can be operated with either a finger, with or without glove or a pen. These are available in a wide range of sizes and can scale up to 150" in diagonal.

This line of products is also equipped with several other useful features including no drift, scratch proof, waterproof, dustproof, and sunlight operability. All these features make it an ideal choice for interactive presentation, classroom whiteboard, command center, public venue kiosks, and info center directory, among many other interactive applications. Aside from reliable performance, Suntronic LCD’s GS Touch Series are durable and maintenance-free with long-life expectancy.


LCD Sizes Available

22" GS22IR-MTS-U
SunTronic's GS Touch Series 22" IP65 Infrared Touchscreen Applications.
24" GS24IR-MTS-U
SunTronic's GS Touch Series 24" IP65 Infrared Touchscreen Applications.
26" GS26IR-MTS-U
SunTronic's GS Touch Series 26" IP65 Infrared Touchscreen Applications.
32" GS32IR-MTS-U
SunTronic's GS Touch Series 32" IP65 Infrared Touchscreen Applications.
37" GS37IR-MTS-U
SunTronic's GS Touch Series 37" IP65 Infrared Touchscreen Applications.
42" GS42IR-MTS-U
SunTronic's GS Touch Series 42" IP65 Infrared Touchscreen Applications.
46" GS46IR-MTS-U
SunTronic's GS Touch Series 46" IP65 Infrared Touchscreen Applications.
55" GS55IR-MTS-U
SunTronic's GS Touch Series 55" IP65 Infrared Touchscreen Applications.
57" GS57IR-MTS-U
SunTronic's GS Touch Series 57" IP65 Infrared Touchscreen Applications.
65" GS65IR-MTS-U
SunTronic's GS Touch Series 65" IP65 Infrared Touchscreen Applications.
70" GS70IR-MTS-U
SunTronic's GS Touch Series 70" IP65 Infrared Touchscreen Applications.

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