Our Company: Know more about SuntronicLCD
Suntronic Outdoor LCD, founded in 2004 is a worldwide company with the objective of designing, developing, and manufacturing complete all weather proof outdoor/semi outdoor high brightness, sunlight readable, full HD LCD with sealed IP65/NEMA4 enclosures. We have references all around the globe with almost hundreds of screens installed in harsh coldest and hottest outdoor environment from Las Vegas, USA to Montreal/Quebec, Canada.  Our outdoor screens providing the real world proofing of  reliability for many years to come.
Our Outdoor solution Highlights:
  • GS Series: Complete Outdoor under Direct Sunlight
  • U Series: Semi Outdoor under Canopy/Shaded Stainless Steel outdoor LCD.
  • W Series: High Brightness LCD For Behind Retail Window Display
  • M Series: Semi Outdoor for Marine/optical Bonding
  • D Series: All Weather Proof Drive Through All-in-One Wi-Fi PC with Touch
Our Customized Outdoor Systems are designed to protect against shock and vibration, and sealed to survive the harshest environments across the following sectors:
  • Outdoor Bus Stop/ Newspaper stand & Booth Advertising
  • ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
  • National Parks
  • Passenger Terminal for Airport and Mass Transportation
  • Train/Ferry/Bus Station
  • Gas Pumps
  • Sport Stadium
  • Ski Resort
  • Industrial Outdoor Kiosks
  • Theme parks
Quality and Reliability
Suntronics has a strong reputation as one of the industry leaders of professional and reliable Industrial-grade Total High Brightness Outdoor LCD products. Extensive in-house test procedures ensure optimum performance and reliability. Compliance with Suntronic’s strict quality regulations are monitored at all stages of the production process. 
Why our products set us apart?
  • Completely Sealed (IP65/NEMA4) Water/Dust Proof from ANY ANGLE
  • Can withstand the WINTER COLD of Quebec, CANADA
  • And the SUMMER HEAT of Las Vegas
  • Operates under DIRECT SUNLIGHT without Isotropic Stage
  • Optional Built in PC capability with Wi-Fi or Cellular modem.
  • Optional Built in Touchscreen
  • Easy FRONT ACCESS for servicing
  • Fully Customizable to meet specific requirements
  • Wide Operating Temperature -40F to 122F.
Manufacturing Facility
  • Running In-Lines for long time testing and final acceptance tests
  • IP65/NEMA4  Water proofing test
  • Direct Sunlight testing
  • In-house test chamber for climatic tests
  • Salt Spray Testing
  • Heat test at 50°C for long-term testing’s, e.g. to evaluate new display panels
Our Services Offered
Solutions to meet with project requirement
  1. Film Enhancements (antireflective, transflective polarizers for sunlight readability, etc.)
  2. CCFL/LED Backlighting
  3. Custom A/D Controller and Inverter development
Integration Services
  1. Touch Screen Integration
  2. Built In PC Integration
  3. Built in Wi-Fi or Cellular Modem Integration
  4. Build in Shock and Vibration Sensors
  5. Build in Thermal Monitoring
Custom Chassis Services
  1. Custom Color
  2. Custom Totem/Kiosk Design.
  3. ODM/OEM Design Services for complete outdoor display solutions.

High Quality Parts
Our company uses only the best, using only High Quality parts along with components in USA or imported from Korea, Taiwan and Germany , for quality that you can trust!

Customer Service
Our customer service reps are here to help you with your Outdoor LCD sign. From general questions to technical support, we leave you feeling completely satisfied.

US Manufactured
Our Outdoor LCD Signs are assembled, tested and shipped from our very own factory in USA, giving us the ability to customize signs to your needs.

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