Rugged marine grade high Brightness LCD
D Series


  • Outdoor application dedicated design
  • Whole set IP65 protection enclosure
  • Unique design for the prevention of moisture condensation
  • Dedicated heater design for cold weather operation
  • Resistive touch panel w/ anti UV treatment



SuntronicLCD's D Series is an All-in-One PC which features a full NEMA4/IP65 All Weather Proof Industrial LCD. It is equipped with an Intel Atom processor with a maximum of 2GB RAM. This line of PC also has a Rugged Sunlight Readable Resistive Touch Screen with a high resolution of 1024 x 768. It has an extreme brightness level of 1000 nits LED LCD with optical bonding to ensure that it delivers sharp and clear displays even when used under direct sunlight or in any high ambient lighting conditions. To handle different kinds of environment, it has a wide operating temperature ranging from -25 ~ 55°C. This device has a dimension of 395 x 345 x 94.5 mm, and weighs 20lbs. It has a power consumption of 80W. Moreover, some of the optional features you can avail include a heater and wireless connectivity.

LCD Sizes Available

15" DPC1500 (1000nits)
SunTronic's D Series 15" Unique Designed for Drive Thru Manual Application.

High Quality Parts
Our company uses only the best, using only High Quality parts along with components in USA or imported from Korea, Taiwan and Germany , for quality that you can trust!

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US Manufactured
Our Outdoor LCD Signs are assembled, tested and shipped from our very own factory in USA, giving us the ability to customize signs to your needs.

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