Essential Tips for a Noticeable Outdoor Digital Signage


Digital signage has become a common strategy for many businesses to advertise, promote and raise brand awareness. We commonly see this medium of advertising in shopping malls, airports, bus stops and other areas commonly frequented by people. These digital screens are also creeping into outdoor an environment which presents a number of advantages as outdoor locations have higher potential audiences, providing more exposure to your content. Also, there is lesser competition for LCD screens deployed outdoors and thus, there is more likelihood that your message would stand out.

Meanwhile, getting your outdoor digital signage campaign more noticeable also has a number of challenges. To help you overcome these, see these essential tips:

Deliver an effective content
Just like any other form of advertising, the phrase “content is king” also applies to outdoor digital signage. As the purpose of all advertising and information screens is to display content, and then content remains the most important aspect. Be aware that the content for an outdoor digital signage is often different to that of an indoor content. Outdoor content has to consider some factors such as the bright sunlight, dreary days and the possibility that some people may view it from a distance or through the windshield of a car. Thus, come up with a content that is eye-catching, simple and visible.

Place it in the right location
Choosing the right location is also important to ensure the success of your outdoor digital signage campaign. Try to assess the purpose of your campaign beforehand. For example, if you want to promote the new menus of your restaurant, deploying the screen outside your own premises is a good choice. But if you want to promote the restaurant itself, you can place it away from the premises where the largest traffic is. Ideally, the best locations are those frequented by a lot of people. But also take note that not all viewers are on foot. Take for instance the roadside digital billboards where it can attract the attention of drivers and bus passengers.

Choose the appropriate type of screen
As outdoor applications faced several issues that can affect the security and performance of the LCD device, make sure to pick the right type of screen. Outdoor LCDs nowadays are already equipped with several features that can withstand various weather conditions even the harshest ones. It is also important to assess the environment where it will be installed. Know beforehand if it will be exposed to snow, extreme heat, or dust. A high brightness LCD is also a great option for outdoors as it will prevent the sun from masking the brilliance of the screen, ensuring that the screen is readable at all times.

LCD screen size matters
On the other hand, size matters for digital outdoor signage. One factor to consider is that an outdoor signage is typically read from farther away as compared to indoor displays. There are also bus and taxi passengers which can take notice of these forms of advertising. With these, it needs to have larger screens to make it noticeable to a wide range of audiences.

Proper positioning of the screen
Proper positioning of the screen can also make a big difference. While an eye-level is not always possible when installing signage systems outdoors, make your screen angled towards the audience in order to maximise the view distance. Ensure that the LCD screen is facing the eyes of the incoming audience to make it more noticeable.

While it is an effective method of conveying content to consumers, utilizing an outdoor digital signage has some challenges as well. The above-mentioned points may help you decide for the right outdoor LCD signage solution for your business. But one of the factors to consider also is choosing the right supplier of these products to give you a high-performance LCD display that will suit well your application. Suntronic LCD ensures that its products are well-tested and made of high-quality components for a reliable solution. Their products are guaranteed to operate 24/7 and for many years to come.


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