Suntronic's Successfully Installed its GS6500L1 LCD for SpaceX's Test Facility in Texas


Texas is considered as the second most populous state in the US. It is a very productive state with a thriving economy. No wonder why there are lots of developments happening in this area. It is also home to one of the country's technological breakthroughs, the SpaceX's Rocket Development and Test Facility which is located in McGregor, Texas. While the weather varies across the state, it is generally characterize as hot. For a business or any other entity who is planning to install an LCD display for outdoor applications, the hot weather of this state can be a challenge. A typical LCD monitor can’t endure the weather in the long run. What you might need is an all-weather and sunlight readable LCD which is particularly designed for outdoor applications.

Challenges of installing an LCD monitor in hot weather locations
Constant hot weather poses a challenge for electronic equipment such as an LCD monitor display. Installing a screen in hot locations might produce quite a bit of heat for the screen. Another challenge with hot weather especially for outdoor applications is the exposure to sunlight which washes out the display.

With these, there are types of LCD monitors which are designed for outdoor applications where it will be exposed to various conditions including hot weather. These LCD displays are typically equipped with cooling fans with an air-vent to constantly remove heat while preventing the moisture from getting to the screen at the same time. There’s are also especially-shaped vents which provide an exit for hot air while preventing rainfall and other moisture from getting into the device.

At Suntronic LCD, we have our product model GS6500L1 with 2500nits which offers an ideal solution for locations with constant hot weather such as Texas. This line of LCD display is especially-designed to manage well various weather conditions including extreme heat without compromising its overall performance.

Successful Installation of Suntronic’s GS6500L1LCD for SpaceX's Test Facility in Texas
One of the successful installations of Suntronic LCD’s GS6500L1 in this hot-weather state is the one in Space Exploration Technologies' (SpaceX) Rocket Development and Test Facility in McGregor, Texas. SpaceX was founded in 2002 with the goal of revolutionizing space technology and enabling humans to live on other planets. Over the years, the company has already designed, manufactured and launched a number of advanced rockets and spacecraft. Its state-of-the-art rocket development facility in Texas covers 4,000-acres of land and became the location for the largest test stand for Falcon 9 engine testing, its flagship rocket which made the first visit for a commercial company to the International Space Station.

Featuresof Suntronic LCD's GS6500L1 with 2500nits
Suntronic LCD's GS6500L1 with 2500nitsis an innovative all-weather sunlight readable LCD which is ideal for outdoor installations. This high brightness LCD delivers stunning quality of image even when used under direct sunlight. It is also ruggedly built which is great for various applications either industrial or commercial. It can be used for a wide range of applications including digital signage, retail/restaurants, gas stations, restaurants, ski resorts, golf course, shopping malls, and outdoor signs. These are available in various sizes as well.

For protection against all kinds of weather conditions that are commonly encountered in outdoor applications, its enclosure is IP65/NEMA4-rated. It also features a wide range of operating temperatures of -40F to 122F. Thus, it can withstand hot weather for longer period of time which is very common in Texas.

To manage these extreme weather conditions, it is equipped with an integrated heater and air conditioner. For outdoor installations especially on areas where it is rarely frequented by people and for applications without human supervision, the vandal-resistant AR glass and housing of this device provides enough protection and security. Moreover, there are a number of optional features that you can avail if you want more functionality with this product. These include an embedded PC or media player and video via CAT5 extenders.


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