7 Years and Counting: Suntronic’s GS5500L1 LCD as a Welcome Sign at Hitachi Automotive Factory


For seven years now, Suntronic’s GS5500L1 LCD monitor still works well as a welcome sign at Hitachi Automotive Factory in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, which indicates that such product has high quality and was really designed to last several years of service. Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. is one of the leading providers of automotive components globally while Suntronic Outdoor LCD is a worldwide company which designs and manufactures complete all weatherproof outdoor and semi-outdoor LCD displays.

Suntronic Outdoor LCD proudly stated that one of its products which was purchased seven years ago by Hitachi Automotive is still at the company’s factory vicinity until now as a welcome sign and still works very well, serving its purpose that lasts such long period of time and for many years to come. Suntronic’s GS5500L1 LCD display offers optimum digital signage solution to a wide variety of applications. It combines high visual quality, robust build and sleek design, making it a great choice for signage purposes.

Suntronic’s GS5500L1 LCD Monitor
Suntronic’s GS5500L1 LCD display monitor is anall-weather sunlight readable display technology which is an ideal solution for outdoor applications such as digital signage, ski resorts, golf course, gas stations, retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants and outdoor signs.

It features a high-brightness LCD panel of up to 1200nits (New Version is 2500nits in 2017), delivering a clear image and ensures that the screen is still readable even when used under direct sunlight or in high ambient lighting conditions. With its IP65 enclosure, it provides enough protection for various weather conditions. So, whether it is under a rainy day or in mid-day scorching heat, the device still operates reliably without fear of system failure. Its screen and housing is also vandal-resistant. Thus, you don’t have to worry if you’ll deploy it in an unmanned area.

It also works reliably under hostile environments with its wide operating temperatures, ranging from -40C° to 50C° (New Version is 5F to 140F and -15C to 60C in 2017). It can manage such extreme temperatures well with its integrated heater and air conditioner. For ease of use, there’s a unique front access design. You can also avail some of its optional features for more functionality. These include a remote reboot / temperature and humidity monitoring and wireless and VGA/DVI CAT5 signal extenders.

About Hitachi Automotive
Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of various aftermarket and automotive products including engine management systems, injectors, inverters, and other OE products. It was founded in 1910 and since then, it continues to develop original technology and products and make it available to the public.

It is also an ISO/TS 16949-certified company which indicates that that their products have high quality and reliable. It manufactures and markets engine management, electric power train, drive control, and car information systems for major automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM) worldwide. What differentiates Hitachi from its competitors is their expertise to build complex infrastructure systems and their capability to develop and supply an advanced IT which is needed to operate and maintain them. In thus US, its factory is located in 955 Warwick Road, Dock 4, Harrodsburg, Kentucky, in which the Suntronic’s GS5500L1 LCD monitor was deployed.

Many businesses and public sector organisations today are already adapting to digital display signs. With the use of LED and LCD screen technology, they are able to display a welcome message and other significant information with visual excellence, targeting the general public and their own employees as well. With the enhanced images and video clipsof digital signage, visitors are made to feel welcome and informed.


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