We have been using Suntronic for the past four years and are very pleased with their products and excellent customer service! Alan has always been just a phone call away and willing to help with any questions or need we have had. I would strongly recommend Suntronic products!

US Florida, Lynx Bus Transit Information project.
John E.D.F.
Director, Operations
Dear Mr. Chung

Few years ago we purchased a GS4600L-G exterior large screen monitor through your company, and installed it at a major train station. The function of this monitor was to display images relevant to the safe operation of the train traffic. Needless to say, the application is critical and very essential to the operating team.

In the last four years and on two occasions we needed replacement parts for this monitor. Realizing how crucial the site was, I personally got involved and contacted you. Both times I had the parts flown to me and in my possession within less than a week.
I call this Best Practice and your company a supplier of choice. I am very impressed that after so many years, you stand by your products and support your customers with great care. I have absolutely no hesitancy in recommending both the products and the support team to anyone.


Toronto Go Transit project
Vic Nazarethian
Regional Service Manager
We installed our GS4600L Suntronic LCD monitor in 2011, suspended under the marquee of our dance studio in Toronto, Ontario. Our main objective was to promote the benefits of a 96 panel solar installation recently installed on our roof. The monitor displays the amount of electricity produced and equivalents in gasoline, AA batteries, trees etc. saved as well as our revenue from a new provincial green program. We also are able to promote our dance business with performance videos and photos, accompanied by music, in effect turning our studio inside out and making it feel much more welcoming. The Suntronic has performed flawlessly from -20 to +30 centigrade with a clear bright picture under all light conditions. The company’s staff has been very helpful with any technical questions as well. I can say without reservation this was one of the most productive purchases we have ever made.

Michael Smith
Managing Director
Dance Theatre

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