Suntronic’s LCD Monitors Installed in Del Mar Station


Suntronic’s LCD monitors was installed in Del Mar Stationto providetrain real time information to passengers. Del Mar is an at-grade light rail station which is situated in the Los Angeles County Metro Rail system and is served by the Gold Line. Meanwhile, Suntronic is a worldwide manufacturer of industrialLCD monitors and computers. It is currently based in Fremont, California with several distributors of their products throughout the world.Aside from their wide range of LCD monitors, they also provide products that are designed to be used as information displays in railway stations.

About the Del Mar Station
Del Mar station is an at-grade light rail station located in Los Angeles County Metro Rail system, particularly off of Del Mar Boulevard between Raymond Avenue and Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena, California. It is also situated next to the historic Pasadena Amtrak/Santa Fe Depot building.It is currently served by the Gold Line with service hours approximately from 5:00AM until 12:15AMdaily.

This station is home to many condos and apartments. It has a parking lot with 290 reserved paid parking spaces and an open bike room with 26 bike spaces.One of the notable landmarks of this station is an artwork by artist RiesNiemi called Kinetic Energy.For people who are coming to see the Rose Parade on Colorado Boulevardand UCLA Football games at the Rose Bowl, this station isthe way to go. Such events also made this station heavily used during the entire year. With these, a display monitor that can provide real time information about the arrival and departure of train is very useful for the commuters.

Suntronic’s Information Displays
Over the years, Suntronic has been providing industrial monitor displays for various applications. One of these applications is the information display for various transport sectors suchas rail, bus, tram and subways. With several years of continuous innovation of their products, iTech has set high quality standards for its information display solutions. Their products are equipped with a number of features that make it ideal for such application.

It has a rugged feature which makes it capable of 24/7 operation.This is an important feature since this application requires longer hours of usage and in high-traffic areas where the device should be protected from rough handling. This is also required for outdoor deployments where the device should be protected from demanding environmental conditions.Moreover, ruggedness helpsprevent system failures of the LCD screen where it can cause inconvenience to passengers and may disrupt traffic flow at railway stations.

Another useful featureis its fanlessdesignwhich offers protection from dust and other contaminants. For remote monitoring of these LCD screens, it has network connectivity via RS-232 and LAN network. Aside from transferring data and managing the content displayed on screens, power and other controls can also be monitored remotely.And of course, the picture quality was never compromised. iTech’sinformational displays deliver high definition for better picture resolution and contrast ratio, resulting in superior image quality. It has also a high brightness feature which ensures that the screen is readable in almost all settings, especially when used under direct sunlight for outdoor applications. All these features are essential for easy viewing in a railway environment.

Suntronic provides a selection of electronic displays for real time passenger information for railway applications such as the one in Del Mar Station which proved to be very useful among passengers.It can display messages such as train destinations, departure and arrival times, current time, and even schedule changes, among others.Aside from theseessential information, it can also play a mix of entertainment and advertising.With such displays, it will help keep the people informed at all times, resulting to anenjoyableand convenient travel experience.


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