Product Highlights:

Brightness: 1500 nits
All Weather Proof IP65 Enclosures
Operating Temperature
-4°F to + 120°F
Integrated heater and air conditioner
Powder Coated Finish


SL/SP: All Weather proof SunTronic’s SL/SP Line Digital Outdoor Signage provide a completely Sealed NEMA4/IP65 with moisture proofing and dust protection Standalone LCD Pedestal/Stand.

Our Unique Active cooling system is designed to allow the digital LCD screen to be placed in cold and warm environments from -40F up to 120F*, even in direct sunlight. Industrial Grade DID LCD Super High brightness from 1200nits to 3000nits and High Contrast. Options for integrated PC, Touchscreen and Video Extenders.

Features Highlight:

• High-Brightness LCD Panel
• All Weather Proof IP65 Enclosures
• Operating Temperature -40C To 50C*
• Integrated heater and air conditioner
• Slim Bezel Thickness 30mm only
• Air conditioning & Heater
• Powder Coated Finish
• IP65/NEMA4X Vandal Resistant Enclosures
• Flexible Mounting Options

Technical Specifications:

Active area size (WxH) (1018.4 x 572.5)
Panel resolution (pixels) 1920 x 1080
Luminance of white (Brightness) 1500 nits (Typ)
Contrast ratio 3000:1
Response time (gtg) 8 ms (Typ)
Viewing angle 89/89/89/89
Video inputs VGA+HDMI
Auto Brightness Control Yes (Optional)
Front glass type AR Safety 6mm glass
IP Class IP65/NAMA 4 Enclosures
Operating temperature range -4°F to + 120°F
Storage Temperature 0 to 50C Input voltage 110V
Weight 70kg/195lbs
External dimensions (W x H x D) 1056 W x 610 H x 249 D mm
Available Accessories
Integrated PC, Touchscreen, Integrated CAT5/Fiber Optics VGA/DVI Extenders, Custom
Embedded PCs and Wireless, Serial RS232 Input, Screen Sensor/Environmental Sensors, Auto
Brightness Control Sensor, IR Remote Control and VGA cable (included)and Ethernet Cable
(not included)

Detailed specs here:
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