GS5700L 57" Outdoor LCD

Product Highlights:

High-Brightness LCD Panel
All Weather Proof NEMA4/IP65 Enclosures
Operating Temperature -40F To 122F
Integrated heaters and air conditioners
Separate rails esay install by one user
Slim Bezel Thickness
102" Video wall [46" TFT-LCD (4x1)]
Vandal Resistant Screen & housing

57" Outdoor All Weather Proof Sunlight Readable LCD

SuntronicLCD Screens SunTronics GS product line, featuring innovative All-Weather Sunlight Readable LCD technology, provides the highest-quality Sunlight Readable image available in Out Door Envirnoment. These Industrial grade Outdoor displays have the exemplary resolution and brightness you've come to expect from SunTronics. GS technology delivers stunning images for use in applications such as:

o Digital Signage o Retail/ Restaurants o Gas Stations o Restaurants o Ski Resorts o Golf Course o Shopping Malls o Outdoor Signs

SunTronic's GS line is available in four sizes: 46", 57", 65",70" and 82". Only Suntronic's GS monitors deliver the full HD resolution for outdoor stunning Digital Contents.

Suntronics technology has the unprecedented slimmest front bezel for outdoor Video wall. In addition, Front access features for easy maitence. Flicker-free operation allows extended stereo use with no discomfort. There is no restrictive "sweet spot" for viewing stereo images and there is no need to work in a dimly-lit environment. The monitor provides suf cient brightness to be used in any of ce's ambient light.

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Exhibition Dates:
Feb 25-26, 2009
Booth Number:
Outdoor display near entrance
Las Vegas Convention Center HallsC1-2
41758 Christy Street, Fremont CA 94538

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