Distribute your content Anywhere on the intranet with GS Series integrated with CIP900-IP-TR inside.


The Suntronic's GS Series with CIP900-IP-TR is an integrated all-in-one monitor features Video-over-IP this technology for a fully seamlessly solution that integrates easily into your existing system.

It connects with PC or any device with HDMI/DVI source. The Broadmaster receiver connects to HDMI/DVI display, speaker, microphone, USB (Keyboard/Mouse/Storage/ ¡K) and RS232 devices. It based on the over a standard IP network can be used to inter-connect the Transmitter and Receiver for the high definition HDMI/DVI and KVM extension applications, like informational displays, entertainment, boardrooms, courtrooms, medical, military, and education digital signage. No drivers or software to manage at the desktop. Plus four USB ports let you easily connect your peripherals.

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